Application for administration

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Application for administration

Мнение от SkR1LL3X » нед апр 01, 2018 7:01 pm

1) Fill in the following form.
(1p) Your name:
(1p) How old are you?
(1p) Your nickname:
(4p) How will you help if we accept you?
(4p) For filling the form in English
(2p) Link to your gametracker:
(4p) Do you have any experience with the mod? If so, where?
(4p) Do you know the rules?
2) If you have over 17 points, we will contact you asap and we will ask you some questions.
3) If you have passed the second part, you will have to contact the head administrator to get your flags.
4) You will be test admin for 2 weeks.
(Майк) 2014-2018.07.28 ∞ ❤


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